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Partnering with Paramount Development Group’s seasoned design-build team from inception through to completion guarantees results of the highest caliber, achieved within the agreed timeframe and budget. Paramount serves as your all-inclusive partner, expertly managing project planning, design, and scheduling all in one place to ensure your vision comes to life exactly as imagined.

We treat each project as a unique opportunity, assembling the perfect blend of PDG talent to meet your distinct requirements. Involvement from our clients is critical at every step, ensuring each PDG-crafted home is as individual as its owner. While no two PDG homes are alike, each shares the exceptional quality, standards, and finishes that have become our signature.


  • Project Scope Analysis: Diligently assessing client needs to establish a solid project foundation.
  • Program Development: Creating customized plans that capture and reflect your unique aspirations.
  • Architectural Services: Our expert team offers precision and creativity in design, backed by the latest in CAD technology.
  • Interior Space Planning: Thoughtful arrangement and design of interior spaces for maximum beauty and functionality.
  • Landscape Consultation: Professional advice on integrating your home’s exterior with its natural surroundings for optimal aesthetic appeal.
  • Permitting & Estimating Team: Efficient navigation of the permitting process and accurate project costing.
  • Project Management Team: Focused management to ensure your project remains on track and within scope.


For those who already have architectural designs, or plans set, Paramount Development Group offers comprehensive general contracting services to ensure your vision becomes a tangible reality on site. We manage every detail of your project, acting as the pivotal liaison between you and the array of subcontractors.

Our rich history of collaboration with esteemed local architects and construction teams allows us to refine and actualize your project into its completed form. Our enduring partnerships with some of the East End’s finest craftsmen, we guarantee timely completion of your project, adhering to the pinnacle of PDG standards and ensuring cost-efficiency throughout the process.


  • Precision Estimating Team: Expert cost assessment for precise budget management.
  • Dedicated Site Supervision: Constant oversight to maintain quality and progress.
  • Professional Project Management Team: Coordinated oversight to streamline every phase of construction.
  • Integrated Team Collaboration: Ensuring a harmonious and efficient project evolution.
  • Comprehensive Construction Services: From ground-breaking to final touches, covering all aspects of building.


Paramount Development Group’s adept team adopts an individualized and integrated strategy for each transformation project, enhancing your living areas to align with your desires. From preliminary planning to navigating logistics, executing construction, and choosing materials, we’re with you at every phase, enriched by our exceptional interior design expertise. Whether you’re aiming for a stylistic refresh, efficiency boost, or space addition, our process is tailored to ensure a seamless experience, delivering both outstanding value and results.


  • Structural Architectural Evaluation: Assessing the current framework to inform the renovation plan.
  • Efficient Space Utilization Planning: Strategically reimagining your living spaces.
  • Compliance and Zoning Review: Ensuring your project meets local regulations.
  • Visionary Future Renovations Conceptualization: Dreaming up the transformations to come.
  • Interior & Exterior Refresh or Upgrade: Modernizing and enhancing your home’s appeal.
  • Home Expansions: Creating more room to live, work, and play.
  • Specialized Renovations: Tailored updates to kitchens, bathrooms, and lower levels for ultimate functionality and style.

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